Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Miracle Christmas Baby

You may have heard about the miracle Christmas baby this past month.

On Christmas Eve, Mike Hermanstorfer was in the hospital with his wife, anxiously awaiting the birth of his newborn son.

He had a little more time and a heart wrenching experience to endure first!

As he held the hand of his wife, her vital signs disappeared.
No heartbeat.
No breathing.
No blood pressure.

Doctors rushed to do an emergency C-Section and get the baby out, only to discover that his newborn was not breathing either.

But then... after holding his lifeless newborn son in his hands, the baby started to breathe.

And then... miraculously his wife's heartbeat and breathing returned.

In only a matter of minutes this man lost his wife and child and was given them back again.

Talk about a Christmas miracle!

MSNBC: Mother, baby revived after 'dying' in labor

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