Friday, October 1, 2010

The Emperor and the Seed

Sometimes sappy stories are ages old.

There is an ancient Chinese tale about a group of young boys who are among the chosen few who may be emperor.

They are all brought before the current emperor and given a seed, and are told to plant the seed in a pot and grow it.

One boy goes home, plants his seed in fresh clean dirt and waters it every day. After a week, there is no progress. Two weeks, no progress. After a month there is still no progress and the boy thinks to himself that surely he has failed because all of the other boys have excellent growing plants to show the emperor.

When the boy arrives, the emperor announces that he is to be the chosen one!

But the boy is confused, how can this be? All the other boys have grown plants?

The emperor then reveals the truth... all of the young boys were given boiled seeds that could not grow.

Every boy who brought a plant to the emperor replaced their boiled seed with another, to try and fool the emperor.

Honesty and integrity are incredibly important traits for all children, not just emperors, so why not share this story with your little boys and girls!

Read the full story at Unveiling: The Emperor and the Seed

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